Manage multiple Nodejs versions with direnv

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So recently I need to install nodejs onto my new macbook pro for work and to be honest, i hate having to deal with differetn version of nodejs for different project so i decided to take a different route this time to manage nodejs with direnv. So obviously the requirement is that you need to get direnv installed on your laptop first. You can do that in MacOsX with homebrew.

First we create ~/nodejs folder and check out the list of versions of nodejs (it’s fucking huge)

mkdir ~/nodejs
cd ~/nodejs
curl -s | awk '/^v[0-9]/{ print $1 }' | less

After you picked the version for nodejs, let’s say it’s v10.11.0, run the following commands to download and unpack nodejs and create .envrc for that particular nodejs environment.

export nodeversion=v10.11.0
mkdir node-$nodeversion
curl -fsSL$nodeversion/node-$nodeversion-darwin-x64.tar.gz |  tar xvz --strip 1 -C node-$nodeversion
echo export PATH=\"$(pwd)/node-$nodeversion/bin:\$PATH\" > node-$nodeversion/.envrc

Now you can cd into your node-$nodeversion folder, runs direnv allow and that is it. Everytime you go to this folder, your nodejs version will be loaded accordingly.

I like that now nodejs will sit in that folder and won’t spam my system with all of its dependencies and various versioning problems.