Terraform - cidrsubnet calculation tool

This tool was hosted at https://cidr.surge.sh in the past. It is simple tool i modified from Michel MARIANI’s code. The extra functionality allows me to workout the arguments i need for cidrsubnet function while writting terraform. This function will interpolate the calculated ip range you configure at runtime. CIDR to IP Range CIDR:   Ex.: IP Range: Terrafrom : cidrsubnet(iprange, newbits, netnum) Terraform newbits:   Ex.
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Tada68 - My 1st qmk keyboard

JUST A KEYBOARD? For a long time now I have always wanted a keyboard that does not require any special software/driver being installed into PC/Mac but has all the cool programmable macro in its firmware that I could modify. Then I discovered qmk 2 months ago! 😱 After doing some researches, mostly looking through /r/MechanicalKeyboards, i decided to take the leap and bought a Tada68 (also called Saber68 ). Originally I was almost convinced to build my own with a Teensy microcontroller but the amount of time+effort to build the keyboard is absurb and I’m sure i could use that time better elsewhere given that now have 2 kids to look after.
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Terraforming Spark cluster in AWS

Recently we needed Spark for our semi-“bigdata” project at work, upon looking online for how to set up a cluster or spark nodes, our team came across flintrock which is told by many enthusiasts that it is the easiest way to get Spark running in AWS with minimal effort. To that point, I agree, the effort put into getting a spark instant running is very little and compared to EMR, this option is much cheaper but I was not fully convinced.
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Cloudtrail events to slack

Another side track during my study for AWS cert! :) This time it is all about slacking off and write some lambda! Without further ado, this is an example screenshot of what you would expect after setting this up: Ok so the goal is to have CloudWatch event to trigger on every Console login and eventually send that information of login attempt to Slack for monitoring. Here is top view of how it work:
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010 Template study note

Since I only touched 010 editor previously no more than the registration part after getting a fun reversing challenge from a friend, I thought i would install it today and actually have a go at creating a simple binary template for Faster Than Light save file. I reversed some bit of the save file by looking at it and some from firing up the game, modify some attribute (buying weapons, killing some pirates, etc) and did a diff on the file.
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AWS 101 Network lab

This lab is kinda like a Helloworld for AWS networking I built when I first did my Associate exam so i will share it here. It walks you through creating a VPC from ground up and walk you through why things aren’t working (yet). Intro How to follow this lab: These are questions that would help guide your thought process throughout the lab as to why things do not work
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